About Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive spontaneous abnormal sweating. This condition is often embarrassing for patients and can be functionally disabling, as the sweating can inhibit many daily functions such as using a smartphone, writing on paper, holding a steering wheel, typing on keyboards, shaking and holding hands etc. The excessive unwanted sweating can often damage and stain clothes as well as shoes. The condition often commences in childhood or puberty and persists throughout all adult life unless treated. The sweating can occur spontaneously or be exacerbated by heat and normal anxious situations, like giving a presentation or meeting new people. Medical treatment with anti deodorants, medications or electrical water baths (iontopheresis) is often prescribed as first line management of the disease however sometimes these treatments are not enough. Dr Gett offers minimally invasive surgical procedures which can alleviate excessive sweating especially in hands, armpit region, face and hair. Treatment for hand sweating has a 98% success rate requiring no ongoing medications or treatments.