About Spider Veins

Spider veins are like varicose veins but are much smaller and closer to the surface of the skin, often with a red or a blue-black appearance. They either appear in clumps or like fine spider webs which look ugly, presenting themselves sometimes like bruises or blue black lines on your legs. They occur more commonly in women but still occur frequently in men. Spider veins are often hereditary. In women they are often associated with changes in hormonal levels and thus bursts appear during puberty, pregnancy, menopause and in elderly patients.

Apart from looking ugly cosmetically, spider veins can be itchy, feel hot and painful. Spider veins, especially in the elderly, can cause major painless bleeding often after scratching unwittingly, after a hot shower or after minor trauma. 

Dr Gett has vast experience in treating your spider veins to achieve the best cosmetic result and treat unwanted symptoms. Most of these procedures can be performed in the rooms and do not require surgery.